The Buzz about Lovin Leaf

We are two sisters who are committed to changing the conversation about cannabis from its errant depiction as "dangerous drug" to the accurate healing medicine that it is. Inspired first by our niece whose toddler is seizure free from cannabis oil, and secondly by the countless patients we meet daily, we continue to see the miracles this plant delivers. It is our belief that through our apparel, we can help to normalize the topic and start some meaningful conversations. 

Every item you purchase from Lovin Leaf adds one more voice in support for change against the prohibition of this incredible plant. Together, we can help erase the stigma.

We also believe in giving back, so through our local dispensary partner, we donate a portion of sales to the PAH Canna Care Fund, which provides financial assistance to patients who struggle to afford their medicine.

Wear our message, start a conversation, change a mind. 

Lovin Leaf Apparel

Wear the message, Change a mind.