How to Advocate

Educate Yourself

  • Learn about the local laws where you live

  • Identify the challenges and who is working to make things better for patients​

  • Choose online certifications and read articles to equip you with the facts so that you can have meaningful conversations with others

  • Know your "why". Borrowed from Simon Sinek (startwithwhy.com), it is the concept of knowing why something is important to you that gives meaning to what you do and helps to inspire other people.



  • Local organizations always need people- call the local chapter of organizations like: NORML: (norml.org/act) ; Americans for Safe Access: (safeaccessnow.org)​; National Cannibus Industry Association (thecannibusindustry.org);  Marijuana Policy Project: (mpp.org).

  • Check also with local dispensaries to see if they have community outreach events that you can participate in. Weedmaps has a search feature to identify dispensaries near you: weedmaps.com

Wear Your Lovin Leaf Apparel

  • Nothing sparks conversation like wearing our gear! 

  • Be polite when having conversations with others, especially around the topic of cannabis. Most people have some sort of opinion and if it's extreme in support or opposition, they typically want to share it. Knowing your facts makes it easier to help generate a positive impression and potentially change someone's mind.